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Are you ready for your Summer GLOW UP?

Kali Got Body 28 Day Challenge Summer Sexy

All you need to know about the challenge


We start Sunday, July29th! YOU READY? Of COURSE YOU ARE!


DATES: Sunday, August 5th - Saturday, September 1st


Who is this challenge for?

  • You are ready to take control of your health and make lasting habits.

  • You want to STAY READY year round with a physique you can be proud of.

  • Let's keep it really real... you want to 



There are 2 phases of Workouts. You will need a simple set up of weights, a mat and for some, just your BODY weight. You have access to a PDF Workout book with the Tutorial videos for each workout.

You get a  Meal Guide to help you get clarity on what to eat to get into fat-burning mode. I want you to learn how to make your own meals and stick with your BAWDY goals. Tips will be posted throughout the challenge.



Register here ---> SUMMER SEXY 28 Day Challenge

What happens next? 
After you register,  You will receive a link to the Files for the 28 Day Challenge.​

Saturday: You get added to the Facebook Group

Sunday: SHOWTIME! Day 1 of the challenge begins.


Let's get this GLOW-UP started!

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