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Travel Hacks & Snacks for a Fit Body

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Planning ahead is MAJOR KEY to making a healthy lifestyle work (isn’t that the same for most anything in life?). You can workout anywhere, so time and proper attire are clutch. The food you eat is another story. You have to consider what you’re eating, what’s available to you when hunger strikes, etc. Now this is coming from a person who often makes spastic and spontaneous decisions, but I still try to get it right most of the time by mapping a winning game plan out ahead of time. Having a “Nutrition Gameplan” is ESPECIALLY important for those of us who travel often and/or who are constantly on the go and striving to “win” at this fit lifestyle.

So when I’m a good girl who has wedged enough time in between my last minute packing to run off to my nearest health food store, I grab a few of the following to keep me fueled up (and saving a few coins) when I travel. All of these items are airport friendly. Thank me later for saving you from paying $20 for a $3 pack of peanuts at the airport convenience store!

Protein Powder on the go (add water in airport or in flight)

There is never a void of flour & fat-laden carbs when out and about, but one thing you may be hard pressed to find while traveling is some good quality protein! Cover your bases by bringing your own! My personal favorites are Optimum Nutrition Whey and Vega One. I will usually add a scoop or 2 to a protein cup, small Tupperware container, or Ziploc bag (if I’m trying to keep the bulk down in my bag). Throw the Protein Shaker in your bag. Add water once you pass Security. For convenience, I have been grabbing the single serve packets by GNC (seen below in my travel snack spread on my way to San Juan in October). The taste is decent and they are super easy to pack up and go.

Protein bars

Protein Bars are Ready-To-Eat options that are usually so dense that they can count as a meal or a solid, filling snack. All protein bars are not made equal, so keep an eye out for high levels of sugars, etc.

My all time faves are Quest Bars, but I am also starting to like the Carb Killa bars by Optimum Nutrition (That White Chocolate Cookie flavor, though?!? Bless yourself with it!). They are super tasty and will help fulfill your sweet tooth cravings while certainly carrying a better protein to carb ratio than most desserts you will find in the airport! With that said, these are good, but not GREAT nutrition sources, so eat these in moderation and keep that travel toothbrush on deck to get the residual stickiness off your teeth when you’re done!


For my carnivores, Fish eaters, and vegetarians…you’ve got ALL the options in the form of JERKY. Beef Jerky, Tukey Jerky, Salmon Jerky and Soy-based jerky for my veg-heads from various brands will give you a nice savory snack while in flight or on the road. Keep your water intake high, because while these are healthier options, many pre-packaged goods are high on the sodium side, and Jerky of all types is certainly one of them.

WARNING: If you have issues with retaining water or can’t consume much sodium, then skip on past this entry, as it is on the higher side of salt servings.

Slim Jim Style meat sticks are another high protein option in the same family as Jerky. I have seen more brands pop-up, including a Trader Joe’s brand, but I prefer these that I pick up from GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.

Beef & Elk Snack Stick _GNC

Beef & Ostrich Snack-Pepper_ GNC

Trail Mix

Just like the Protein Bars, all Trail Mix isn’t made the same. Also, for my folks who have a snacking trigger, Trail Mix can go from healthy to excessive REAL FAST. I have a #SnackHack below, but move forward with caution or pick another option that is one and done to help you win and stay on track!

Hack: Make your own & measure out the servings!

I usually opt to make my own trail mix. I keep it to 2-3 ingredients that I usually get from Trader Joe’s, but you can get yours from wherever suits you! My 2 go-to DIY Trail Mix combos are:

  • Unsalted Sunflower Seeds (1 cup) + Golden Raisins (1/4) cup

  • Unsalted Cashews (1 cup) & dried coconut chips (1/4 cup)

To keep my snack portions in control, I split them up into 4-6 servings and put them in the small Ziploc snack bags.

Tuna packets

Last but certainly not least, is TUNA! If you have no shame and aren’t worried about warding off people around you with the smell this is a perfectly CHEAP and easy way to get some lean protein in while you’re on the go. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so as long you eat it right after opening it up, you’re good to go!

Add your own veggies in flight, pack some cucumbers in a Ziploc bag and throw it on top. Get creative! There are so many ways to sauce up your Tuna while traveling.

Ways to finesse your tuna:

  • Pack sliced cucumbers, veggies, greens, etc.

  • Throw some season on that fish! I am known for packing my favorite seasoning and travel-sized hot sauce to add some sazon to my food while I’m out and about. In other instances, I will find a store that has mustard or salt & pepper packets, and use that to add some zest. No shame in my game. I will have a decent meal come hell or high water!

  • Tuna Sandwiches for the win! Make a tuna sandwich or 3 before you head out and pack them away. Or you can bring some bread slices and build a meal in the airport.

Follow me at @KaliGotBody on ig to see my various #FitTravelSnacks and tag me with your fit Travel Snacks & Hacks! Feel free to share any others down bottom, I love finding new ways to fuel the body while living the active life.