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3 reasons why Montreal is the perfect Fit Travel City

Montreal was the perfect city for a Fitness enthusiast who loves good quality food and adventure! I am working on the video as we speak, and look forward to sharing all that my Travel Bae, Tonya, and I got into. In the meantime, I want to give you 3 reasons why Montreal proved to be a great (and affordable) time and great for my BAWDY!

Good quality food

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a situation go from good to great. For me, one of those things are Farmer’s Markets! The Atwater Market is more than any old Farmer’s Market. There were so many options for good quality, organically grown produce. We got more than what we needed at economical prices. There is also a well-kept Fish Market there, where I purchased Salmon for our last meal in Montreal (stay tuned for that video, it was delicious!).

Local markets are good places to try out foods that are unique to the place you are visiting as well (and for the LOW $$$). We got to try out “Ground berries” (cerises de terre), and they were truly yummy! There were also a few kiosks that served hearty meals, juices, etc. All in all, our food experience was top notch in Montreal.

Bike Friendly city

Tonya Rapley & Franck on Bixi bikes in Montreal. photo by Kali Got Body

When I have the option to navigate a city by bike I will USUALLY take advantage of that, IF the city is what I call “bike-friendly.” Montreal was not only “bike-friendly,” but Bixi, their public bike rental service, made it easy and super cheap to explore the city on 2 wheels!

I am not a STRONG cyclist, so I emphasize that whenever I mention that a city is “bike-friendly,” I mean that it is welcoming for a not so experienced cyclist to ride in the streets. Until this trip, The only other place that I had been to where I felt this way was Barcelona.

Anyway, after eating at Atwater Market, our new friend, Franck, walked us through renting our Bixi Bike and we took a fun-filled trek to Vieux-Montreal or Old Montreal that included an impromptu photo-shoot on the way there!

Much like CitiBike in NYC, The Bixi Bike service has different “parking hubs” throughout the city of Montreal to pick up or drop-off your bike rental. You need a credit card (of course), and can rent the bike for 30 minutes at a time. How much, you ask? CAD $2.95 for a one-way rid, $5 for 24 hour access (30 minutes at a time!), and $14 for 3-day access. Get your workout in. Get a tour of the city. Save some coins. Sounds like a winning situation to me!

Chic apartment with a well equipped KITCHEN and yard space to workout

If you haven’t noticed, beyond traveling with fitness in mind, I also travel on a BUDGET! I am all about saving my coins while having a good time when I am out exploring the world. So I usually stay in an Airbnb apartment that is equipped with a kitchen. Our apartment for this trip was just perfect. Well equipped kitchen to enjoy some “in house” meals so that we don’t have to eat out all the time. A nice little deck and yard space that I made into my gym space. All for less than $40 a night, per person!

All we do is win!

Link to Airbnb in Montreal:

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